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Lithium is a growing industry in Chile. According to the US Geographical Survey (USGS), over half the of the world’s economically viable reserves of the mineral, which is crucial for the manufacture of modern batteries and solar infrastructure, can be found in Chile. The largest deposit lies in the Atacama salt pan, in the region of Antofagasta.

Since 2017, our team has worked together with other suppliers to carry out over 20 separate interpreting services for Albemarle, a major producer of lithium based in the USA. Using our portable simultaneous interpreting system to provide seamless and instantaneous translation on the move and onsite, our team has facilitated communication between local engineers and visiting staff, investors and authorities. Envision Consultores has provided services at the company’s plant in La Negra and its Atacama extraction facility, as well in Antofagasta.

For technical workshops and studies, interpreters with knowledge of industry terminology play a key role in ensuring effective communication between experts from all over the world.

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