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Online English courses - Native Speakers

Work and Communicate Smarter

Whilst Covid 19 has made things more challenging for everybody. Working smarter and harder is going to be essential for anybody in the more competitive world we are now living in.


English is the main language of the internet

Being able to communicate effectively in English is going to be even more important than in the past as so much more work and training will be online. Now, with time on your hands, is the time to upgrade your skills.

We Understand Chile and Have a Proven Track Record Of Success

Here at Envision we have 20 years’ experience in Chile providing interpretations, translations and Practical English Classes, appropriate to your business and work needs.

We provide English training to Chileans on a bespoke basis. To help you achieve the results you need. We understand Chile. We understand Chileans. We understand mining, engineering, energy, indeed all of the key industrial sectors in Chile.

Now is the time to upgrade your skills

Instead of spending time watching Netflix, Amazon Prime or watching social media, now is the opportunity to improve your skills. To give you the necessary competitive advantage over other people competing for the jobs that are available.

You Will Achieve The Results You Need

We will do this by providing you with a teacher specially assessed for your needs. It will be practical, realistic and bespoke. For You. We respond and guide you, making the classes fun and engaging. We guarantee you will have improved your English and will feel more confident after you have trained with us. Above all, we will help you deliver the results you need.

Professional Native Speakers

Classes will be with a highly experienced professional, either with a native teacher or somebody who can give you the necessary building blocks you need to communicate effectively.

Safely Done On-Line

How? We will do this online via Zoom, Teams or Skype or any other online programme that you prefer. We are a highly flexible and responsive company with a can do approach. We will respond to your needs. And if the Health situation improves, we can make the classes face to face. You

Proven Track Record Of Success

We have a proven track record of success. We are providers of services and training to AIA, SICEP, METSO-Outec, Finning, EXPONOR, EXPOMIN etc.,

Oh, And Are Prices Are Probably the Most Accessible in the Market

Just in case you are thinking, “this must be expensive”, think again. Our prices are far more accessible and realistic than many of the “standard”, open the book on page X, type classes that can be oh, so boring and impractical. Just to be clear, our prices are highly competitive. Why not book a free trial class? Check us out (link to automatic email to Envision – in Spanish, Yes I want a free trial class (30 minutes).

The World Has Changed

Whether we like it or not, the world has changed. We are living in a new normal. With so much more work taking place online, the importance of having a working knowledge of English is now essential. Let you help you, achieve the results that will make a difference for you,, allowing you to communicate with confidence in English. Contact us today for a free class and assessment. Envision will help you succeed in improving your language skills.