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Language Training

Our methodology allows students to improve their language skills and apply them to real-life situations for an immersive learning experience. Small groups and individual lessons are available for English and Spanish at all levels.

For corporate clients, we can develop learning materials centered around key processes and challenges in the organization, giving students the tools to carry out their work in an international environment.


In-Office Courses

  • We go to your office or site to save you time and money.

In-office courses are designed to cover speaking, listening, reading and writing skills through personalized lessons adapted to the needs and interests of each student, with a focus on general communication or communication for business. Group or individual lessons are available at competitive prices.

An original textbook is included in the price of each course.


Experiential Learning

  • Customize your course with real-life activities, building the confidence needed to apply the language outside of a classroom setting.

For companies, we offer Business Meetings and Business Lunches in English, which allow students with an intermediate to advanced level to practice in their communication skills in a realistic environment. A teacher-facilitator prepares sessions involving debates, discussions and other activities focused on relevant business issues.