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How Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) Is a Practical Solution For Businesses in The New Normal.

How Can We Continue to Conduct Our Day To Day Business In The Crisis and Beyond?

This is the question that is being asked by every business today. For those with operations in Chile to run, new equipment to install, staff to be trained, workshops, seminars and conferences to run, this is a question that many companies are asking themselves, particularly if an interpreter is also required. Remote Simultaneous Interpretation is a practical solution to help, that Envision are experienced with, helping you to deliver your business objectives.

How does it work?

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) has been trying to break through into the world of conference, seminar, and workshop interpretation for some time. However, it was not until the COVID-19 crisis that it has now become mainstream. It’s an attractive solution for both the private and institutional markets, and its advantages are obvious.

Viable Solution

RSI is a highly viable solution to the displacement and social distance restrictions imposed by companies and organisations to protect their staff in response to the COVID-19 virus. Here we have developed a highly effective delivery service for Remote Simultaneous Interpretation.

RSI allows for a simultaneous interpretation service from a distance, any distance, where face-to-face interpretation would not be possible due to space, access limitations, for remote geographical locations or with safety or security needs to be met. Such as the COVID-19 virus.

TYPES of Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) Available

In order to provide the Remote Interpretation Service, our team uses a wide range of online platforms that companies and organisations use to communicate remotely. This include, TEAMS, ZOOM, SKYPE, SKYPE BUSINESS and GOOGLE-MEET. These platforms allow our simultaneous interpreters to work from their secure offices or anywhere their homes are located.

This has become standard and good business practice during the pandemic crisis, allowing us to  help our customers continue with business as usual.

Experienced With Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Whilst we were already experienced with RSI before COVID-19, the crisis encouraged us to speed up and reshape ourselves further within ENVISION. Our daily and professional activities have now developed, and further improved our RSI processes.

For the majority of companies, all meetings are now held via videoconference, as are training courses, webinars, virtual conferences, or meetings with expert networks. In many cases simultaneous interpretation is required. At ENVISION you can depend on our expertise and experience with RSI to help you meet your business objectives.

The Secret To Success

The key to successful remote interpretation, lies with ensuring the human factor is effectively managed with the help of technology. Interaction between interpreters and speaker, or between interpreters and technicians, either remotely or in person, should be a seamless process to ensure the success of the meeting, workshop, or seminar. With long distance interpretation, such interaction is even more necessary. All interlocutors (organizers, speakers, technicians, and interpreters) need to cooperate closely. The planning phase is extremely important to avoid any possible eventuality. This is accomplished by doing adequate pre-service testing to ensure everything goes smoothly.

We also ensure we have a back-up IT system to ensure the success of each event.

Remote Interpretation Via Streaming

Our commercial alliance with RLA allows us to provide this type of service with far more sophisticated events, providing us with logistics and technical support for global events of between 50 to 2,000 people. With state-of-the-art market technology, we can offer you long distance simultaneous interpretation services for videoconferences,
networking, workshops, seminars, and conferences.

The Current challenges for Interpreters of Simultaneous Distance Interpretation

Arguably the main one, is the adaptability of the interpreter. Interpreters need to adapt to the new methods of distance interpretation and doing so, to the same quality and working standards with which they have traditionally provided face-to-face interpretation. Interpreters need to thoroughly research the event topic beforehand, study and fully understand the new technologies they are using, in order to give the client what they need.

The Interpreters should provide a quick guide for speakers in a remote simultaneous interpreting environment. It should be short and concise, so that clients can quickly read it before their presentations.

Most importantly, we at Envision ensure they are safe and have the proper working conditions for the remote interpretation.

Remote simultaneous interpretation is here to stay. We have shown that technologies and applications can be used effectively. In fact, it is precisely because we are using new technologies that interpreters have the opportunity to train and upgrade further. With this, we will be able to preserve the quality and essence of our work and guarantee its effectiveness, by being able to help clients communicate accurately, regardless of the technical application used.

How to Help Ensure the Event Is a Success for the Company or Organisation?

By obtaining our input and advice on the technical configurations that the organisers or suppliers of the event are planning to use. The interpreting team will clearly explain to end user customers, the practical differences between distance interpretation and face-to-face interpretation, so that they know how to choose the most appropriate technical system for the event.

To explain to customers the differences between specific RSI platforms and video conferencing applications with simultaneous interpretation facilities and extensions. The client must know if they can hold bilingual events and e.g. understand the drawbacks of not having a virtual interpreting booth, to understand and allow for the smooth switchover between interpreters whilst the event is underway.

It’s important for the company or organisation to give well in advance to the interpreters, full details of the topic to be interpreted with adequate supporting material (PowerPoint presentation, videos, etc.) so they can thoroughly prepare for the interpretation. We fully understand strict confidentiality is essential. We have strict confidentiality standards but for further reassurance, we are always happy to sign an NDA in advance of a specific event, e.g. the launch of a new product.

The participation of the interpreters in the planning and implementation of the remote event will help to ensure the event is run to an optimal standard, helping the company or organisation achieve its business objectives.

This link describes how we are all having to adapt to the new normal. As a flexible and responsive company at Envision, we have the adaptability and vision to support you with your continuing business success in the new normal. Please contact us with details of how we might help you.