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Interpretation Service

As the only specialized translation and interpretation agency in the Antofagasta Region, our expertise in technical, mining and industrial terminology allows you to communicate your message clearly, precisely and effectively. All services are available for English and Spanish and in Antofagasta and the Metropolitan Region - other languages and locations by prior arrangement.

Liasion and Simultaneous Interpreting services can be arranged for remote locations including mine sites.

Our interpreters have occupational health certificates for work on industrial sites and at altitudes of over 3000 meters above sea level.

Simultaneous Interpreting

  • Professional Interpreters
  • Specialized Sound Equipment

Simultaneous Interpreting is used for formal meetings, conferences and seminars. An expert professional interpreter transmits your message to the audience without pausing using specialized sound equipment. The audience listens in the language of their choice, using a digital wireless receiver and headphones.

Two sets of equipment are available, depending on the size and type of event:

JTS Wireless Translation System: small conferences, meetings or lectures (up to 40 people); site visits or outdoor use. The interpreter is inside the room, making this the better option for highly interactive events.

Full Simultaneous Translation system: large conferences, lectures, ceremonies etc. The interpreter works inside a soundproof cabin, making this system ideal for formal events.

Liaison Interpreting

  • Professional Interpreters
  • Portable Receiver System (Optional)

For small meetings, field visits, site audits and trade events. Trained professional interpreters interpret between languages as necessary, allowing participants to communicate fully and accurately.

Equipment is not necessary for most liaison interpreting services. For noisy environments such as mine sites and industrial plants, we recommend using our JTS Wireless Translation System, which is suitable for outdoor use and is effective at distances of up to 100 meters.

Trade Shows & Site Visits

  • Professional Interpreters
  • Field Support

Our team has extensive experience at international trade shows such as Exponor, Expomin and Perumin.

We are official providers of translation and interpreting services to Exponor in 2019, for the fourth time in a row. In addition to providing a team of professional interpreters to assist you at your stand, we offer a full package of logistical and business assistance for foreign companies and international delegations visiting Chile, including:

  • Arranging accommodation and transportation
  • Identifying and contacting leads in advance
  • Reserving health checks and inductions for site